No matter what the genre' True Music begins in the heart and soul of the songwriter. Music is a creative gift that comes from within, it is the magic that spell binds the listener and touches the hearts of the masses.

Songwriters are given the gift of songs and it is their responsibility to share the gifts they have so graciously been given with the world. You can not place a price on a song,  for money can not buy the joy that it brings to the heart.

Indies Tunes .com was conceived as a community filled with True Music written and shared by the gift givers (Songwriters).

One of the biggest challenges in the music business for recording artists, record labels and agencies is getting a new song or album broke out on radio. There are a few reasons that the challenge is so overwhelming. First you have to find a station, a DJ or a Program Director that is willing to take a listen to the song or songs. Radio is a demanding business and so many of the personalities just don't have time to take a listen to every song that comes across their desk and some stations just won't break new songs out.

This is not so here at Indies Tunes! We are looking for new songs and new albums to place in the radio marketplace across the globe. Our parent company CMG Global Media owns CMG Global Radio. CMG encompasses a global network of radio stations known as the CMG Global Radio Network. In the past two years CMG along with its partners have established CMG Radio Networks, in Asia, Canada, Europe and South America making the CMG Family the largest Indie radio network in the world and for that reason alone we are able to breakout new songs with ease.  All songs are passed along through the network and the DJ's, Program Directors and Station Owners are happy to play them because they know they have been screened by our staff for quality and radio readiness. It takes all the guessing out of the mix. They don't have the time to listen to and screen each tune and they are glad that we take that job on and they can concentrate on their daily task without interruption.

We take the guess work out, we make your songs available to the network. The only stipulation to this great service is that you must become a member of the CMG Global Radio Club. Here is the chance for Indie Songwriters and Recording Artist to have their music presented and promoted across the globe! Want more details about the Club and the great professional promotions? Click on the Music Promotions link above in our navigation menu bar.

NOTICE: In the not to distant future we will be adding the Indies Tunes Music Store so Stay Tuned!

Not only does Indies Tunes promote the Indies but we play the Indies for our listeners all around the world. You can hear great shows Monday thru Wednesday 24 hours a day and on the week-ends (Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday) you will hear nothing but CMG Global Radio Club Members Songs around the clock.

Thank you one and all for visiting our website! Please come back soon and often. Be sure to tell your friends to visit us for great music!

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